Our Code of Ethics

Our members' high standards are fundamental to our success. At Certified Contractors Network we believe that upholding values and principles is what forms the foundation and is a reflection of who we are within the industry.

Certified Contractors Network Members have pledged to observe the highest standard of Integrity, Frankness and Professional Responsibility in dealing with their Owner Clients...

  • By making no false promises or claims in advertising.
  • By providing Professional Courteous Reception when the Owner calls with an inquiry, or Request For Bid.
  • By keeping appointments at the agreed scheduled time. (If a conflict arises to call the Owner and rescheduled prior to appointment.)
  • By providing a Professional Appraisal of the Owner's needs.
  • By providing Written Specifications for the required project according to Manufacturer Specifications and Industry Standards.
  • By encouraging only projects that are Structurally and Financially sound.
  • By being Licensed by Local Authorities and following Local Requirements.
  • By being a Certified Installer by Manufacturers when applicable.
  • By providing Proof Of Insurance to Owners.
  • By providing Customer Reference List to Owners.
  • By fulfilling Contract Obligations.
  • By providing Manufacturer’s Long Term Warranty when applicable.
  • By providing Contractor Labor Warranty.
  • By maintaining Communications with the Owner regarding any changes in schedule, scope of work or unforeseen conditions.
  • By providing Safe Work Conditions according to OSHA guidelines or Industry Standards.
  • By being Professionally Responsive to Owner Service Calls.
  • By attending Continuing Education Programs.
  • By aspiring towards 100% Owner Satisfaction.

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.”

- Potter Stewart

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