The Certified Contractors Network Story

The Certified Contractors Network is a membership of business leaders sharing the common goal of a constant pursuit of better business outcomes.

Richard Kaller started as a roofing contractor in 1964, eventually installing all types of roofing from small residential projects to million dollar commercial roofing projects to significant historic restoration projects featuring slate and copper restoration.

Richard was a professional contractor trainer for over twenty years. He spoke at many local chapters and national trade Conventions. Richard was a former Director of the National Roofing Contractors Association where he served as Chair for the Steep Roofing Committee of the NRCA, which is responsible for codes and specifications affecting the residential market.

During thirty years in the roofing business, Richard acquired five long-term established roofing companies in the Philadelphia area.  Since his companies performed over 1,000 projects per year and installed a volume of over $10M in the 1970's, Richard knew firsthand the problems and challenges that contractors experienced in their businesses.




In 1996, Contractors Network of America was founded. One year later, the name changed to Certified Contractors Network. In that same year, the first Sales Boot Camp was launched. In 1998, Richard Kaller, founder establishes a "Steering Committee". The second Boot Camp, Blue Collar Management launched in 1999. At the start of the millennium, CINC (Certified Contractors Network's Internet Network Conferencing) launched.

THE 2000s


Continued growth and development came in 2001 with the establishment of the Business Planning Boot Camp. In that same year, CCN University was formalized and launched with various boot camps and training programs. In 2005, CCN membership grows to over 300 contractor members. Unfortunately,
founder, Richard Kaller passed away in 2006. Gail McNeill continued to operate CCN until Scott Siegal became President in 2009.

THE 2010s


In 2011, CCN grew to over 400 members. Over the next decade, CCN adapted to offer additional in-person training. In 2019, John Martindale and Scott Siegel join forces, John becomes a partner in CCN.



CCN 3.0 was launched in 2020. CCN has adapted to offer in-person events and converted all training to Live Streaming to increase accessibility.

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