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It’s a mistake to think that the only thing production people can or should do is install. Everybody at a contracting company has a job to do. The owner or general manager (often the same person) runs the business. The salesperson’s job is to get the truck in the driveway. Admin does so many things […]

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Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms: Home Services Contractors

In the third and final part of our choosing the right social media platform for contractors series, we step into the world of home services contractors. We previously covered social media for B2B and replacement contractors, so if those descriptions better apply to you, you might find those posts helpful. As a home services contractor, […]

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Roofer working

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms: Replacement Contractors

In our last installment of this series, we covered social media for B2B contractors. This time, we’re focusing on replacement contractors. Most replacement contractors mainly deal with homeowners, so they won’t find the same success with LinkedIn or Twitter as B2B contractors. Basically, if you’re a replacement contractor, the social media world is vastly different […]

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Social media for contractors

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms: B2B Contractors

Every contractor’s business is different, so a one-size-fits-all social media strategy simply doesn’t exist. When it comes to social media for contractors, though, we can sort through which platforms are and aren’t beneficial to your business. In this three-part series, we’ll explore eight different social media platforms and how they might work for your business. […]

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Firing an employee

How to Fire an Employee: Advice from 7 Successful Contractors

Unless you’re a specific kind of person, firing an employee is never fun. It’s hard to let someone go, even if they’re damaging your business by mucking up jobs, being late, or lowering your crew’s morale. Most of us dread firing an employee, even if we know it’s for the best. There’s one solution to […]

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Capizzi Home Improvement

Case Study: Thomas Capizzi Talks Networking, Bookkeeping, and More

In an Industry with a High Failure Rate, More Contractors Should Take Notes from McDonald’s Managers For a struggling business owner, having access to a contractor consultant can make all the difference in the world. Thomas Capizzi, Jr., serves as president of Capizzi Home Improvement, which dominates the local market in Cape Cod, MA. He […]

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