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Detour Ahead

Google’s Home Service Ads are Changing Again

If you’ve been reading this blog, you might remember an article I wrote for CCN in December called “3 New Harsh Realities of Google Search for Remodelers.” In that post, I talked about a few different shake-ups in the search engine results pages (SERPs): Google’s local listing “7-pack” turning into a “3-pack” The increasing importance […]

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Firing an employee

How to Fire an Employee: Advice from 7 Successful Contractors

Unless you’re a specific kind of person, firing an employee is never fun. It’s hard to let someone go, even if they’re damaging your business by mucking up jobs, being late, or lowering your crew’s morale. Most of us dread firing an employee, even if we know it’s for the best. There’s one solution to […]

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Capizzi Home Improvement

Case Study: Thomas Capizzi Talks Networking, Bookkeeping, and More

In an Industry with a High Failure Rate, More Contractors Should Take Notes from McDonald’s Managers For a struggling business owner, having access to a contractor consultant can make all the difference in the world. Thomas Capizzi, Jr., serves as president of Capizzi Home Improvement, which dominates the local market in Cape Cod, MA. He […]

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Contractor finds Balance, Increases Revenue by 170% [Case Study]

Contract Exteriors, a South Carolina-based new construction and remodeling company, was founded in 2009. In the four years before Contract Exteriors joined CCN, CEO Randy Hann was feeling alone. His company was successful, but he wanted to grow, flourish, and ensure his bright future in a competitive market. Who could he turn to for advice? […]

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Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla Talks Bad Contractors, Getting Referrals, and the Importance of Cleaning Up the Job Site

Adam Carolla is best-known as the co-host of Loveline, the co-host of The Man Show, and the host of his record-breaking podcast, The Adam Carolla Show-– but he’s a seasoned builder, too. Before he entered show business, Adam worked in the construction industry for a decade. Adam is a skilled carpenter, and along with his […]

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