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Understand the Science of Talent Acquisition & Management

You will learn about the MPO – a state of the art personality pro- filing tool and gain an in-depth understanding of how people are hardwired to Think, Feel and Behave and how you can utilize this to make better hires, promotions, enhance performance, motivate, communicate more effectively, and work as highly functioning team.

Implement a simple, yet highly effective, Hiring Process

You will learn about the Xp3 Talent System and how to utilize this to define and find top talent, then pre-screen applicants to ensure you’re not wasting time with the wrong candidates and how to Interview and Select the Best Candidate for the role and your company’s success.

Develop and Implement a structured On-boarding Training Program

During this section, you will learn how to create and implement an On-boarding Training Program that will WOW your new hires, build relationships with as many other employees as possible (This leads to higher retention rates) and educate them on ALL aspects of your company that results in enhancing your new hires learning curve, assimilates them into your organizations culture, and have them productive in the shortest amount of time.

Become a highly effective Coach/Manager

You will learn a scientific approach to inspiring your team members to achieve more, focus them on the keys to success in their role, and create company advocates who are passionate about their work which are all key elements to retaining top talent.



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