Exterior Remodeling Consulting and Sales Training

Exterior remodeling is a large industry that has many sub-sectors to it. From roofing and siding to windows and doors, there are countless areas to specialize in. Although you might be an expert in products and installation, running the business side of your company can be a challenge. Rest assured, Certified Contractors Network is there to help. 

Since 1996, we've been providing expert-level construction consulting services to companies across the nation. All of our professional team members have decades of experience in the industry and know a thing or two about how to run a successful business. With our assistance, training, and guidance, you'll be well on your way to having the most profitable exterior remodeling company in your area.

Premier Exterior Remodeling Consulting

There are many elements of an exterior remodeling business to focus on besides the installations. There's maintaining proper margins, networking, marketing, and hiring employees. At CCN, we understand that all this might not be your strong suit. We are your trusted construction consulting team that will be there with you every step of the way. Once we get connected, we'll talk with you to identify the areas where you need the most help. From there, we'll develop a plan to put you on the path to success.

When you hire us for consulting in construction, you'll be able to receive assistance in a few main areas. They include:

  • Sales Training: Our remodeler sales training program will help you gain skills in marketing your products and services to potential customers.
  • Marketing and Business Operations: We can help you run the back end of your business more efficiently and give you the resources you need for proper marketing and advertisement.
  • Financing Partnerships: Exterior remodeling can be an expensive service for your customers to invest in. As such, it's important that you have partnered financing plans set up for them to take advantage of. We can get you connected with the companies that provide them.
  • Contractor Training: We're a big proponent of keeping industry standards high and excel at training companies on how to do business properly.

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When you join forces with Certified Contractors Network, you'll get help from a trusted team that has been training contractors for years. Whether you need help in day-to-day operations or something in the office, we're there for you. Reach out today to learn more about everything we have to offer.

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