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Operating a roofing business can be an overwhelming process at times. From administration to lead generation, it helps to have a sidekick right alongside you. Certified Contractors Network is your trusted consultant in construction for roofers. Our industry experience dates back to 1964, and we have seen the field evolve and change over these 50+ years. We know exactly what it takes to run a contracting business and provide all the training and advice you need to achieve success.

When it comes specifically to training, we've been assisting roofing and construction companies like yours since 1996. Whether you're a roofer, home remodeler, solar installer, or anything in between, our nationwide contractor consulting ensures that your business is ready to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Specialized Roofing Contractor Training to Help You Succeed

Every roof contracting business is different, and at Certified Contractors Network, we understand this. We offer a wide variety of training and consulting services so that all our member's needs can be met. Whether you're having trouble finding clients, conveying the right image, or training your employees, we can help. When you become a member of our network, you'll have access to several beneficial services including:

  • Sales Consulting: We have proven exterior renovation and roofing sales training programs that helps you get better at selling your services and closing leads. We host many virtual and physical events that you can attend.
  • Financing Partnerships: Having adequate financing is key to running a successful contracting business. As a member of CCN, you'll get connected with industry lending institutions that are willing to pair up with your company. You'll be provided with a number of industry-tailored options of contractor financing for customers designed for construction, that way your customers will never have an issue affording their services.
  • Professional Development: Education never ends in the construction industry. Our construction management consultants help your contractors get certified, your business managers learn more about operations, and your marketing team learn more about winning strategies. 

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You don't have to face the challenges of business alone. By joining Certified Contractors Network, you'll receive exclusive access to world-class training that you cannot receive elsewhere. Our construction consulting services have successfully transformed lost businesses for over 25 years, and we'd love to help make your company a household name in the local community. 

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