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Does your wood deck look worn and faded? Or perhaps you have a composite deck that is splitting and peeling? You may have the urge to get a deck replacement, but if the foundation of your deck is still good, you can save it. 

Certified Contractors Network includes trained decking contractors who are experts when it comes to deck resurfacing to restore and protect your outdoor living spaces. This project is faster than a full deck replacement and can save you money too.

What is Deck Resurfacing?

Deck resurfacing is a less expensive alternative to installing a new deck on your home. It’s a great option for decks that still have a solid foundation and structure—where only the deck surface is showing signs of damage and needs to be replaced. 

Professional contractors who offer deck resurfacing options will usually start by removing the surface boards and replacing them. The contractor also repairs damage to the rest of the deck structure, such as railings and steps. Any remaining original wood is sanded to remove the unattractive gray surface. Finally, the wood deck will be stained and given a protective topcoat. 

In the end, you’ll have a renewed outdoor living space for a highly affordable price. 

Why Hire a Decking Contractor from CCN?

At CCN, we connect homeowners with decking companies who help with resurfacing decks and other outdoor living spaces. These experts within our nationwide network have a variety of skills and can work with multiple decking materials, from wood to composite. It’s a convenient way to find a local contractor who will meet your requirements. 

At Certified Contractors Network, we provide value for customers through well-trained contractors who are backed by our in-depth coaching and business advice. In working with our decking contractors, you’ll enjoy:

  • A Prompt and Professional Approach to Every Phase of Your Project
  • Clear Communication that Keeps you Informed of Progress Throughout
  • Flexible Financing Options for Decking Projects Up to $100,000

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The search for “deck resurfacing near me” is sure to be a cinch with Certified Contractors Network. We have maintained a network of experts for more than two decades. Our contractors are located in many parts of the United States and in Canada too. 

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If you are looking for decking services, or any of those listed above, give us a call! We’ll help you set up an appointment with a decking company in your region.

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