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Are you bored with the current look of your kitchen? Perhaps the cabinets are a little beat up, stained, and faded? Kitchen cabinet refacing can give your kitchen a modern, updated look without the expense. 

At Certified Contractors Network, we make the process of finding a reliable kitchen remodeling company a breeze. Within our network, you can find experts who specialize in cabinet refacing and much more. These specialists provide services that cover a range of needs—like laminate cabinet refacing, cabinet staining, and replacing hardware and drawer fronts. 

Benefits of Cabinet Refacing Services

When you opt for kitchen cabinet refacing, you can expect swift improvement in the look and function of this often-used area of the home. Contractors usually replace loose handles and knobs while also fixing minor damage, so your cabinets’ lifespan is increased too.

There are many other benefits of cabinet refacing, like:

  • You spend less money compared to a traditional kitchen remodel.
  • The installation of new cabinet doors and laminate can take as little as one day.
  • You have the chance to add ergonomic improvements, like Lazy Susans or pull-out spice racks.
  • Your cabinets can be refreshed in a completely different color and style than before.

Why Use the Certified Contractors Network?

You can find remodelers on your own, but the due diligence process can take a long time and requires lots of research. Certified Contractors Network already has local experts in your area. Members of our network also receive additional coaching and training to improve their business practices. 

With a CCN contractor, you get flexible financing options like same-as-cash and low-interest plans. This makes the cost of your kitchen remodel a much easier expense to manage.

Learn More About Our Kitchen Remodeling Experts

Ready to begin that kitchen cabinet refacing project? Give Certified Contractors Network a call or fill out our online form. We’ll be happy to help you get connected with a local kitchen remodeling company in your region.

The CCN Network also includes:

  • Window Installers
  • Door Installers
  • Siding Experts
  • Roofers
  • Home Addition Contractors
  • Patio Installers
  • Screen Room Installers
  • Sunroom Installers
  • Deck Installers
  • Bathroom Remodelers
  • Basement Remodelers

Feel free to let us know about any other renovations you have in mind. Chances are our contractor network includes experts who can make short work of it!

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