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Coors Remodeling

3480 Kossuth Suite 5
Lafayette, IN 47903
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Bart Coors
Bart Coors

For more than 28 years, the Coors family of companies has been taking care of remodeling needs in the greater Lafayette area. In 1993, while studying Physical and Health Education at Purdue University, Bart Coors’ entrepreneurial spirit got the best of him. He saw a growing need in the community for construction trades and an opportunity to make a little cash for college. Bart, a Purdue Alumni, took to the exteriors of the greater Lafayette area and built this business one residential exterior at a time. You may remember that this was the time of the great building boom in Tippecanoe County. Bart is a graduate of Benton Central High School, where he was involved in the Building Trades Program for 2 years of his respective high school career. The technical, hands-on skills honed and perfected through the program were too great not to be put to use. Bart and his high school sweetheart, Michelle, are still the key leaders of the business today. Bart & Michelle grew up in the greater Lafayette area and chose to remain here to raise their family. All the Coors children have attended north end Tippecanoe School Corporation schools. “We have a tremendous vested interest in this community. We live here, we work here, we chose to raise our families here, and we will likely retire right here.”




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