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Your Bay Area home deserves to be in peak condition. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, proper maintenance is frequently neglected. If this is true about your roof, you’re simply asking for trouble. Without a sturdy, well-sealed roof over your head, water is bound to find a way into your home.

Certified Contractors Network has numerous talented roofing contractors in the Bay Area that you can call. We make sure to carefully vet every roofing company so that you’re guaranteed the best. With no time-consuming calls to other roofing companies, you can focus on your life while the professional do the work. These professionals expert roof installation including comprehensive roof evaluations with free project estimates prior to your roof replacement.

The Bay Area’s Best Roof Installers

No matter how extensive your California home’s roof installation may be, Certified Contractors Network has a team that’s up for the task. All our roofers are masters of their craft and are passionate about customer service. With fully-trained and insured teams, you can kick back and relax while they do all the heavy lifting.

The professionalism of these roofers means that you can go about your life without any disruption. They work very cleanly and efficiently, completing your new roofing system as quickly as possible. You’ll have a range of styles and material options to choose from as well, including asphalt shingling, metal roofing, or flat roofing. Additionally, the ability to customize your roof’s color is always possible.

Replace the Roof of Your Bay Area Home

Sometimes you’ll need a replacement roof for your Bay Area home. This is especially the case if it has recently experienced damage, or it’s beginning to show signs of wear and tear. It’s best to act fast in these scenarios, as overtime damage can compound, creating a more costly headache. Some of the biggest signs to look out for include:

●     Obvious Water Leaks: This is the most tell-tale sign of damage. If you have pooling on your floor or drips from the ceiling, a leak is certainly present.

●     Stains on the Ceiling: Sometimes the leak isn’t as obvious. However, brown or yellow stains on the ceiling indicate a leak as well.

●     Deteriorating Roofing Materials: If your shingles are beginning to darken or crumble, they’ll need service from a replacement roofing company.

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With over five decades of industry experience, Certified Contractors Network has a long list of experienced roofers you can call for your home’s project. In addition to roof installations and replacements, we can link you up with a Bay Area siding contractor or other home remodeling contractor.

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