About the Certified Contractors Network

For over 25 years, Certified Contractors Network has proved to be the best quality, most effective contractor consulting network accessible to organizations of all sizes.

We Believe in Creating a Smarter, More Energized Contracting community.

Our goal is to help the independent contractor build better processes in order to build a better business and achieve a better life as a result of these efforts.

We share knowledge and skills in an effort to maximize profits for our members. We encourage ethics, education, leadership, and innovation to benefit both the construction industry and the community.

Certified Contractors Network assists its members in becoming the best in their industries by offering best practices and processes that enable them to provide higher job quality and a superior contracting experience to their clients. In dealing with their clients, member firms are committed to upholding the highest standards of Integrity, Honesty, and Professional Responsibility.

Our Story

CCN aims to help its independent contractor members become more successful and lucrative, as well as to deliver better and more professional services and increase customer satisfaction. Through the provision of training, advice, inspiration, and support, with CCN acting as a catalyst for networking these goals are easily attainable.

Our People

Our team was built by tradesmen for tradesmen to help support and guide fellow contractors within the industry to build their businesses profitably.


By the Numbers

The majority of contractor difficulties are relatively similar from one contractor to the next and from one market to the next. Contractors have similar issues with sales, field production, and general administration. CCN is here to help improve the contractor industry as a whole. 

Our Code of Ethics

Our members' high standards are fundamental to our success. At Certified Contractors Network we believe that upholding values and principles is what forms the foundation and is a reflection of who we are within the industry.

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