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CCN provides low-cost, hands-on consulting and networking between non-competitive contractors.

CCN membership provides contractors with the tools to build better businesses. Our members receive preferred access to resources that offer keys to unlocking growth in their businesses.

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Membership FAQs

We are here to answer your questions and guide you through our memberships to help determine which membership is right for you.

At CCN we take the guess work out but helping you to create the proper system to track profitability.

Our Business 101 Mastery course not only helps you create a business plan, but it also helps you create a Proforma and budget.

You can be confident that your sales conversion will increase by 10% or more if you train on and follow our 5P process.

At CCN, we can help you build the proper profit model.  No more guesswork.

Many CCN Members start with this question.  Through process training and planning we can help you take valuable time back.

Our Marketing Mastery session will help you to create higher performing leads.

The average customer satisfaction of a CCN Member is over 33% higher than the industry average.  The number one rule of referrals is BE REFERABLE!

Depending on your business model, we can help create the right lead spend to make your business flow.

Our Financial Mastery session has helped many of our Members take control by understanding per project profit.

We will work with you to identify key metrics that should be monitored daily for optimal performance.

Let's review your org chart and help you to realize what you can delegate.

CCN Members Receive...


Unique offerings to train your entire staff including sales, production mastery, administrative mastery, financial mastery, sales management and marketing.


Group Settings to Gather and Learn from Experts who have worn your shoes. Includes 3 conferences, boot camps and monthly mastermind webinars.


A leadership and knowledge center that keeps members in the know of industry best practices.  Including a Toolbox Monthly Newsletter, CCN Construction Booklets, Wizard Watch, Business Library, Knowledge Center and Basic Answer Books.

Products & Services

Tools and Custom Programing to help align your company including Health Check, Contractor Help Desk, Finance Program, Stage Funding (Flex), Metro Merchant (CC), DPAB/DSAP, National Sales Contest, Time Out Series and a Customized Answer Book.


Tailored coaching from business leaders. We offer weekly coaching sessions with business consultants, monthly reviews with senior executives, and growth-specific mastermind sessions tailored to address your business needs.

Complete our 1-minute assessment to determine how CCN can help you go from good to great!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Being a sponsor of CCN will provide you with access to a  large network of contractors, as well as extensive exposure to the industry. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for CCN, click below to learn more about what your best sponsorship opportunity is.

Why Become a Certified Contractors Network Sponsor:
  • Stand apart from your competition
  • Increase contractor loyalty to your product or service
  • Grow your business
  • Provide Exposure to your ideal customer
  • Increase your value to contractors by providing information that is proven to improve their business
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Member testimonials

“What a great conference. The speakers were unbelievable. I want to thank CCN for the value and knowledge you have brought to our organization. This network has been an integral part of developing not only our leadership team but many others in our company as well. I do realize it is a substantial investment however the time out of the office to brainstorm, network, the education, the team building, and the relationships that we have developed are invaluable. Thank you”

Dale Desjardins
Absolute Aluminum, Florida

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