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Ready to evolve your contracting company? Now is the time to take advantage of the exclusive benefits and support offered to all Certified Contractors Network members. Join CCN's contractor consulting network to empower and expand your construction business with an expansive selection of training and networking opportunities Join today to see what CCN membership can do for you!

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Contractor Network Benefits
Contractor Network Benefits

Experience The Benefits of CCN Membership

CCN offers low-cost, hands-on contractor consulting services and networking among non-competitive contractors. What that means for you is access to our best-in-class tools, coaching, events, networking, and wealth of resources. Let our team of construction management consultants and industry experts to unlock the your company’s growth.

Full-Staff Training

Your entire staff has access to our impressive suite of trainings—benefiting your business every step of the way. From sales and production to administrative, financial, and marketing, we’re here to help you evolve and refine your operations.

Exclusive CCN Events

As a member, you’ll have access to bootcamps, monthly mastermind webinars, and large-scale conferences throughout the year to make building your network and showcasing your company’s offerings easier than ever.

Industry Insights & Support

Stay on-top of your game with industry insights that keep you in the know of contracting best practices. CCN members have access to an extensive leadership and knowledge center, supported by our Business Library, Toolbox Newsletter, and more.

Tailored Business Coaching

Our leadership team has been right where you are—and knows how to move to the next level of growth, profit, and business success. With weekly coaching, monthly reviews, and mastermind sessions, our senior executives tailor coaching to your business needs.

Contractor Consulting Network

Membership FAQs

We are here to answer your questions and guide you through our contractor consulting network membership options to help identify the benefits most relevant to your business and determine which the membership level that is right for you and your staff.

Membership FAQs

At CCN we take the guess work out by helping you to create the proper system to track profitability.

Our Business Roadmap to Success Mastery course not only helps you create a business plan, but it also helps you create a Proforma and budget.

You can be confident that your sales conversion will increase by 10% or more if you train on and follow our 5P process.

At CCN, we can help you build the proper profit model. No more guesswork.

Many CCN Members start with this question. Through process training and planning we can help you take valuable time back.

Our Marketing Mastery session will help you to create higher performing leads.

The average customer satisfaction of a CCN Member is over 33% higher than the industry average. The number one rule of referrals is BE REFERABLE!

Depending on your business model, we can help create the right lead spend to make your business flow.

Our Financial Mastery session has helped many of our Members take control by understanding per project profit.

We will work with you to identify key metrics that should be monitored daily for optimal performance.

Let’s review your org chart and help you to realize what you can delegate.