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Participating as a sponsor will help you stand out and provide invaluable access to contractors at sold-out events!

Strategic Business Opportunities through Sponsorship

Certified Contractors Network hosts highly attended contractor training and networking events throughout the year. These events are a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers and distributors to meet with a group of professional contractors looking to invest in the improvement of their businesses.

Taking part in one of these events will benefit contracting manufacturers and distributors by providing exposure to a group of key contracting company owners in trades representing commercial and residential roofing, painting, remodeling, siding, windows and doors.

Why Sponsor CCN?

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Meet the Right People

Being a sponsor of Certified Contractors Network Conferences will provide you with a huge network, as well as extensive exposure to multiple industries. Our Denver event is the perfect place to gain exposure.

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Stand Out

A CCN Sponsorship is a mutually beneficial service. We provide multiple opportunities to network and showcase products and offers, helping you stand apart from your competition.

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The CCN Standard

Certified Contractors Network members pledge to uphold a code of ethics as part of their membership agreement making them better strategic partners to vendors and clients.

Create lasting and fruitful relationships

Sponsor Opportunities

See more details about CCN events that offer sponsorship opportunities below or contact us for more details on sponsorship opportunities. We look forward to your support and winning relationship.

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Opportunities for members and sponsors alike

Conference Sponsorships

Your participation in the sponsorship of a CCN Event will provide you exposure to your ideal customer. Attendees at our events include the business owner, as well as key sales, production and admin employees—decision makers and end users! Because of the tremendous amount of trust placed on Certified Contractors Network by its members, affiliation with the organization is an implicit endorsement of your products and services. For that reason, only sponsors that meet our quality standards are allowed to participate.

Connect with potential customers at CCN events

Our Sponsors