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The “New” Secret to Success

Ever have an installation go well but the relationship gets ruined because of a miscommunication with the homeowner? Or have something go wrong on a job because sales made a verbal promise that was never communicated to the installation crew? Most customer complaints arise during the dead time, from the time of the sale to […]

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Capizzi Home Improvement

Case Study: Thomas Capizzi Talks Networking, Bookkeeping, and More

In an Industry with a High Failure Rate, More Contractors Should Take Notes from McDonald’s Managers For a struggling business owner, having access to a contractor consultant can make all the difference in the world. Thomas Capizzi, Jr., serves as president of Capizzi Home Improvement, which dominates the local market in Cape Cod, MA. He […]

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Contractor finds Balance, Increases Revenue by 170% [Case Study]

Contract Exteriors, a South Carolina-based new construction and remodeling company, was founded in 2009. In the four years before Contract Exteriors joined CCN, CEO Randy Hann was feeling alone. His company was successful, but he wanted to grow, flourish, and ensure his bright future in a competitive market. Who could he turn to for advice? […]

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Certified Contractors Network Conference

6 Valuable Things You’re Guaranteed to See at Our Fall Conference

Imagine you’re a fly on the wall at the most valuable contractor training conference of the year. Just like Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present, wheeling around London on Christmas Eve (but without the festive occasion, past misdeeds, and miserly attitude), you’re the perfect observer. We already explored what you’ll learn at our […]

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Contractor associations

CCN: Not a Contractor Association

People often mistake CCN for a contractor association. Sure, we work with a huge variety of contractors all over the country and we’re invested in their education, professionalism, and success. We associate with contractors. We work hard for contractors. We’ve worked hard to build a network of contractors who support one another, share wisdom with […]

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