Picture this: Spring is finally here and you mindlessly started up your sprinkler system. Nothing exciting there, right? Except, winter wrecked havoc on your system and while you were blissfully unaware, that indoor basement pool you’ve never dreamed of has started filling up in the man cave.

Now what? Who has that kind of emergency cash on hand? Don’t fret. We’re here with the answers you need!

The Best Financing Money Can Buy

If you’ve read our blog recently, you’ll notice the importance we stress on finding the right contractor. In this case, “right” means: a contractor that offers same as cash financing.

Finding a contractor that is also a member of the Certified Contractors Network VIP Loan program means you’re hiring a contractor that has the ability to offer project financing.

So, not only are you hiring the best-of-the-best when it comes to repairing that man cave, but you’re hiring a contractor that also offers amazing financing options, and that’s one-stop-shopping if you ask me!

More Questions?

Found a contractor that doesn’t offer financing? We can help with that too! It’s quick and easy for your contractor to take advantage of our VIP Loan Program! What’s even better is they don’t even have to be a member of CCN!

Simply, click here for more information on finding a CCN Member in your area and get your project off the ground with the right contractor and the right financing!

Simple. Fast. Effective.

Building the best,