You’re busy. There are teams to supervise, jobs to find, payments to follow-up with, employees to hire, and so much more. We get it. However, as a business owner, there are certain to-dos with which you cannot slack. The first rule of employee relations and human resources is one of them: documentation, documentation, documentation. (Did we mention documentation?)

The hardest part of keeping up on human resources is the initial paperwork. Once templates are in place, follow-through can be done almost effortlessly. Trust us, you will be glad you made it a priority!

4 Documentation Must-Haves for Business Owners

  1. Job Descriptions – The last thing you want to do is to hire someone for a job they didn’t know they were applying for. Update your job descriptions before posting them, each and every time! Use these descriptions as a default if questions arise.
  2. Employee handbook – It’s in your favor to have an employee handbook that is thorough and up-to-date. That way if issues arise (which they will), you will have documentation to fall back on. (Have we mentioned documentation yet?) Do yourself a favor by taking the time to customize an employee handbook according to your company’s needs.
  3. Tax Obligations – Tax season doesn’t have to be stressful! With proper planning and documentation, it can be smooth-sailing! Creating a system for new hires, pay submissions, and expenses is a must.
  4. Workers Comp – A lot is at stake for everyone involved in a workers compensation issue. Regardless of business size, insurance coverage will be an ever-present challenge. Understanding what your insurance companies covers is the first step. Communicating the policies is the second. Documenting an on-the-job injury is the third.

So, we’ve named what you need to have in place. Now the challenge is getting it in place!

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