If you’re looking to finance your home improvement project or renovation, you’re certainly not alone. It’s estimated that over 75 percent of home improvement projects, over $2,500, are financed in some capacity.

So, while there are plenty of lenders out there, choosing the right lender can prove to be a bit more difficult. Below are our tips and tricks to both successful financing, and a successful home remodel! Reputable contractor financing programs are out there, you just need to know what to look for!

Choosing Partnerships

Be weary of who you trust.

There are a good handful of contractors out there who don’t offer trustworthy financing, and will fill their contracts with hidden fees and footnotes.

However, in many cases partnering with a contractor could be the best decision you make, assuming they are following lender best practices.

What Makes a Reputable Contractor Financing Program?

So, what is the most important thing to look for when financing through your contractor? Make sure the financing is coming through a reputable bank.

For example, Certified Contractors Network partners with EnerBank USA. So reputable is EnerBank USA, that the Better Business Bureau recently rated it an A+ (on an A+ to F scale). Factors that contributed to this rating included length of time in operation, the complain volume (or lack thereof), and the response to complaints that did happen.

In short: you’re looking for a lender who delivers what they promise, and has a track record of it.

Know Your Options

Do your research, and look for the best financing option given your circumstances. Most reputable lenders will be able to offer the average customer, assuming they meet the qualifications:

  • 100 percent of project(s) cost financed
  • same-as-cash loan options
  • zero percent interest on loans

Now, Dream Big!

Once financing has gone through, start dreaming! And do so with reckless abandon! Contractor financing programs are available to help make your dreams come true.

Consider using your qualified financing as an opportunity to do all of your home renovations in one full swoop, rather than adding more to-do projects to the task list for later.

When you have both financing and a contractor you trust, that’s when dreams come true.

Happy remodeling!

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