According to the National Safety Council, “in 2011, ladders were the source of 5,280 nonfatal, occupational injuries and illnesses, involving days away from work in the construction industry.”

That is a staggering number! I think we all understand that accidents cost more than just money. Accidents affect your time and your entire team.

I can think of five ways to build a culture that is not only mindful of safety standards, but promote the health and safety of your company, every day!

5 Keys to Job Safety

If you think there is nothing new to say about safety, think again. Here are five takeaways that will ensure a safer job site and a stronger company culture.

  1. Safety starts at the top. Modeling a concerted effort toward safer work practices must start at the executive level. If you take safety seriously, your employees will too.
  2. Train everyone for safety and hold everyone accountable. If we are modeling safe practices, we must also train our employees on our expectations. And we must hold each other accountable.
  3. Make safety an everyday topic. It is easy to pay lip-service to safety at a weekly meeting and check it off our to-do list. It’s altogether different to incorporate safety into our language even as we meet with clients.
  4. Prequalify subcontractors. Before you hire anyone, make sure they are insured and equipped properly.
  5. Evaluate each phase of the job for safety. As each job progresses, it is important to take a step back and check your work. As well, look ahead to the next phase for any potential issues that may arise.

As the Boy Scouts say, “Always be prepared!”

Time and resources spent on safety precautions are never a waste.

Kyle Morrison, in his article The ROI of Safety, writes that “Even though cost savings are a motivator, safety’s biggest return on investment may be human capital. Employers should not base decisions on whether a particular change will result in cost savings, but instead on whether it will keep workers safe.”

Return On Investment

Job safety is just one way to add value to the great work that you deliver to your customers, everyday. Becoming a member of the Certified Contractors Network is another. Join us for our Business Operations Boot Camp where we will give you the key to happy customers March 30-April 1, 2015.

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