As an executive, hiring the right people at the right time, could make or break your business. People (meaning employees) are the greatest asset your company has.

Start with a hiring process that’s intentional. Every business should have hiring policies and procedures in place that are followed, through and through. Here are a few we recommend:

Best Practices for Hiring

  • Update the job description. Know what you want, and be clear about it. The job description needs to be accurate and clear.
  • Set a realistic timetable. Finding the best fit for your company will take time, and it’s worth it. Be proactive, but realistic.
  • The right one is worth the wait. This is counter-cultural, but true. If an applicant doesn’t measure up, don’t hire them. Operate off of the model of abundance rather than scarcity.
  • Ask good questions. If you ask hypothetical questions, you’re going to get hypothetical answers. Use “tell me about a time…” vs. “what would you do if…”

Here are a few other questions we love:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how lucky are you? Look for someone who works hard to achieve goals, but is also humble. The best employees are coachable and eager to learn.
  • What’s an opinion you hold that most people disagree with? Employers who care about the future of their business, look for employees that are confident in their abilities and opinions. If everyone agrees with everyone, your business is less likely to grow.
  • Where do you want to be in the next five years? Honestly. If personal goals are aligned with professional goals, both employer and employee are likely to be happy.
  • Do your research. This includes background checks, speaking personally to references, and some companies even use behavior-based assessment tools, such as those offered by Divine Group.
  • Pay fairly. Research competitor prices and stay at the top of the others. Poor compensation is one of the most common reasons a new hire might not work out.

Want the Best Employees Ever? They Can Be Yours!

The high turnover comes at an incredible cost for each and every business.

Implementing hiring best practices may be an initial investment of time and energy. They will, however, work in your company’s favor long-term. Finding the right person from the get-go leads to greater productivity, happier customer interactions, and improved employee satisfaction.

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