Financing is the number one thing that’s helping established contractors make more money and be more profitable. There are many same as cash financing programs to choose from so how do you know which was is the best for you and your customer?

Same as cash financing can be easy to find, but hard to do well. You can be overwhelmed by the amount of intricacies that go into financing your customer. Can you start the job right away? Will you get paid up front? These are all important questions to know the answers to — and we have them!

There are many financing options available to you and a lot are very similar. What makes us different from the rest is the assurance of trust that we’ve built among our contractors.

With our same as cash financing program, you’ll be able to offer your customers 90, 180, or 365 day loans. We also have an 18-month program as well.

This allows your customers to make payments they can afford and you get paid right away!

When you become a member of CCN, you only get the best of the best in financing options. Gone are the days of the traditional bank loan where there are messy applications to fill out and high interest rates.

Some banks offer lower interest rates to begin with, but end up raising your rate in the middle of your loan by 6-7%.

Kirby Hamby, owner of Global Wide Green Services, and a member of CCN, has trusted our same as cash financing program for the past three years.

In a recent interview with Mr. Hamby, we asked him what alternative programs he had tried, but rejected before using our same as cash program.

“GE finance – not a bad deal, but they raised the interest rates considerably to make it unattractive.

View Tech Financial – offered 90 day same as cash which was nice, but started with a 10-11% interest rate, which rose and is now up 17% from when we initially started, which made it very unattractive (to me and my customers).”

Trusted for Many Years

When you think CCN, think trust. We pride ourselves on offering the best services for you and your customers for many years.

Trust is just one reason why our members use our same as cash financing. You can rely on simple financing for your customers, where zero percent interest loans are available.

Your customers don’t have to worry about funding their projects and you get paid right away. We only endorse the best of the best so it’s a win/win for both you and your customer!

Don’t wait any longer to receive the best financing around!

Building the best,