Ever heard of a swag bag?

According to Urban Dictionary, a swag bag refers to, “A goodie bag that contains various useless, yet irreplaceable items packed into a duffle bag, usually given at parties or by sponsors. Sometimes, just useless household items with a brand-name insignia on them.”

We beg to differ. Contrary to popular belief, a swag bag doesn’t have to contain useless stuff. In fact, we love swag bags that are nothing short of practical! Fill your swag bag with useful stuff, instead! We call this swag, with a purpose.

Swag to Differ

  • Mobile charger – People are on their phones all the time. A contractor conference or a trade show is no different. Use this to your advantage! Create a mobile charger with your company’s logo on it, and then watch the swag fly off your table.
  • Measuring tape – While this doesn’t press an as immediate need like the mobile charger, it’s still awesome. Customize a measuring tape with your company’s logo. Trade show goers are going to love, love, love this goody! (Branders is a company that can customize these for you.)
  • Flashlight pen – If you must do a pen, make it a flashlight too. Or, better yet, just do the flashlight! So much cooler than just a pen!
  • Water bottle – Water bottles are always in style. They are practical and purposeful. Just make sure to get the most hip and trendy design out there! (And don’t forget to add your logo to it!)
  • Seasonal items – We’re nearing summer. Consider adding flip flops, sunglasses, or a frisbee to the mix. (This can also be great if the conference is set in some abnormally warm climate! People will appreciate the free goodies that they accidentally left at home.)

There’s no point in providing a swag bag if the products never get used and your business’ name never gets out there. Instead, fill this free-be bag for visitors with relevant, practical goodies that your potential customers will love!

Everyone loves free stuff! Build up your brand by advertising…but without paying thousands of dollars!

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