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Technology Tips for Contractors: Frequently Asked Questions on QuickBooks for Contractors

Sloppy bookkeeping and billing practices is one of the most basic drivers of underperforming contracting companies. Maintaining good bookkeeping is essential to profitability for companies and peace of mind for owners.  Intuit’s QuickBooks software has served as the industry standard for bookkeeping across nearly all industries for decades. Construction is no exception to this rule.  […]

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HR Tips for Contractors: Employee Retention for Contractors Paramount Amidst Labor Shortage

The labor shortage for builders is well documented, with some research suggesting as much as 80% of construction companies reporting not being able to find enough skilled workers. While statistics like that tend to grab the headlines, the more important part of the story for contractors is how significant that makes employee retention and development […]

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Contractor Trends for 2021: Top 5 Difference Makers for Business Owners

After a turbulent year of adjusting forecasts and changing expectations, 2021 will be a year of reemergence and growth in the construction industry. Rising construction costs and labor shortages persist, challenging the industry to innovate competitive new ideas, while stricter regulations contribute to a reduced margin for error and waste. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic […]

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Talent Scouting

Talent Scouting

If you were at the Fall Conference in Philadelphia in September, or at the Technology for Contractors conference in Park Slope, UT, last June, you probably heard presentations by Michael Matalone. Michael Matalone, who had a feature article in last month’s Toolbox about finding and keeping talent, is an expert on exactly that subject: talent. […]

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Soft Skills

It’s a mistake to think that the only thing production people can or should do is install. Everybody at a contracting company has a job to do. The owner or general manager (often the same person) runs the business. The salesperson’s job is to get the truck in the driveway. Admin does so many things […]

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The “New” Secret to Success

Ever have an installation go well but the relationship gets ruined because of a miscommunication with the homeowner? Or have something go wrong on a job because sales made a verbal promise that was never communicated to the installation crew? Most customer complaints arise during the dead time, from the time of the sale to […]

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Detour Ahead

Google’s Home Service Ads are Changing Again

If you’ve been reading this blog, you might remember an article I wrote for CCN in December called “3 New Harsh Realities of Google Search for Remodelers.” In that post, I talked about a few different shake-ups in the search engine results pages (SERPs): Google’s local listing “7-pack” turning into a “3-pack” The increasing importance […]

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