While management and leadership are connected, they aren’t the same thing. Management involves important tasks centered around organizational structure, like planning, managing resources, and ensuring that company processes are followed. However, it takes more than management to ensure the success of a contracting business. This is where effective leadership skills come into play.

Management vs Leadership. Why Does it Matter?

It’s no question that effective management is essential, but leadership offers something more. While management is more concerned about regulating the day-to-day operations of a business, it’s leadership that inspires the team to reach their fullest potential.

An effective leader motivates, teaches, and creates a sense of purpose that coordinates the efforts of all team members towards a particular set of goals. It all comes down to taking a strategic, energized approach to management that focuses on the principles like the following:

  • Delegating tasks effectively to encourage teamwork, accountability, autonomy, and responsible decision-making.
  • Skillful communication that transmits important information clearly and respectfully while allowing others to voice their concerns so that necessary resolutions are made.
  • Expressing gratitude when members of the team meet or exceed expectations to foster a healthy work ethic.
  • Emotional intelligence that offers empathy with the struggles experienced by team members to improve the workplace experience.
  • Speaking up about problem areas and encouraging positive changes in the right direction to ease conflict and build trust within the organization.

With these skills and more, a manager does more than just regulate; they inspire. This leads to improved employee motivation and profitability, provides opportunity to learn from mistakes, and builds a general sense of well being and community within the organization.

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