If you find yourself frustrated by your office culture, the problem could be you rather than them. Office attitudes are a reflection of office leadership, stemming from the top down. The best business managers have a radical approach to the workplace and to their employees. They foster a community that cares, works hard, and creates.

Wondering how? Read below for five commonalities between some of the top CEOs in the world.

Extraordinary Boss, Extraordinary Business

  1. Choose a model of abundance rather than starvation. From comparable businesses to employees, an ordinary boss is quick to foster competition over teamwork. The extraordinary boss is the one who creates an innovative and adaptable workforce, using creativity more than rivalry. There is enough for everyone, and we are better together. Believe it. Then, prove it with your words and actions.
  2. Put people first, products second. An ordinary boss doesn’t take the time to know their employees. An extraordinary boss builds upon their assets, and views their employees as the company’s greatest gift. Since your employees are the most valuable asset, treat them as such. Make an effort to hear their stories–listen to them; learn from them. Then, use their assets to your advantage. Tap into the skill sets and strengths of everyone on your team. Better projects and products will follow.
  3. Be driven by vision, not fear. An ordinary boss motivates with fear, putting creativity, innovation, and risk at a stand-still. A company that refuses to evolve is a company that is already dying. An extraordinary boss renews the vision of their company regularly while inviting employees to take part. Watching this vision come into fruition over time will be rewarding.
  4. Practice service over control. An ordinary boss asserts authority and demands submission, even in the simplest of tasks. An extraordinary boss requests the final result, but empowers the employee(s) to own the process themselves. Put the decision-making in the hands of your capable staff. Intervene only if an emergency arises.
  5. Expect greatness, then let go. An ordinary boss lacks trust and micromanages. The extraordinary boss expects greatness. People become what you expect them to become. Expect greatness, then let it happen. Your employees are not children, they are your colleagues. Treat them as the capable, intelligent, trustworthy people you believe them to be!

Fostering a staff community, where employees are empowered, is the greatest gift you, as the boss, can bring to your company. With employee satisfaction comes longevity, innovation, and growth. Equip your employees well and care for your employees well, then let go and watch extraordinary things happen!

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