Without sales, you wouldn’t have a contracting business. As important as quality installations, superior customer service, and high-end products are, they mean nothing unless you have a project to work on. For most contractors, generating new sales and closing deals can be the biggest challenge of business. The best way to improve this area of your company is by hiring a sales manager.

However, hiring a competent sales manager is not enough by itself to transform or elevate your business. You’ll also need to ensure the correct processes are being used to guarantee success. By following proven sales management best practices, you’ll be on the fast track to more jobs and more profit within your contracting business.

The Importance of a Sales Management Team

Most contracting businesses are started and run by contractors themselves. While they may be exceptionally talented and knowledgeable about their craft, the sales portion of the company can be confusing, overwhelming, and unsuccessful. This is where a dedicated sales management team comes into play.

Sales managers are skilled individuals with education and experience in generating leads and closing deals. They strive to increase profits for contracting companies by identifying potential customers and figuring out ways to convert them. Most importantly, they oversee a larger sales team and make sure that everyone is following the same standard process.

Following a Standard Sales Process

You can’t expect a sales team to figure it out themselves and drive the business forward, even with the help of a dedicated sales manager. It’s crucial that you have an outlined approach that is rigorously followed with every interaction. For most companies, finding this approach is trial and error. Each customer base is different and will have a unique set of needs.

Getting connected with a professional contractor’s network will help accelerate the learning process. At Certified Contractors Network, we have a proven strategy that all contracting sales teams can use to push their businesses towards higher earning potentials. We provide this through our:

  • Frequent Events and Webinars to Learn Trade Secrets
  • Contractor Training Programs to Make Sure That Your Team is Offering the Best
  • Sales Training Programs to Help Ensure That Your Sales People Are High Performing

Learn CCN’s Proven Sales Process Today

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