It’s that time again, and trust us, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

The 2015 Peak Performance Conference will be held in Chicago, IL, at the Navy Pier, this September 29th – October 2nd. We’re partnering with Hanley Wood and The Remodeling Show to provide the best, and most well-rounded experience possible.

The contractor training provided will be paramount to the future success and growth of your company.

After attending, you are sure to see your company flourish more than ever. The information you will receive is unparalleled and you will stand above the rest of your competition. Not only will you work differently as a contractor, you’ll think differently, smarter, and more clearly, too.

Black Belts and Masterminds

It’s time to think outside the box and get your creative juices flowing. You will enjoy hearing many ideas from successful contractors who have been in your footsteps before.

So, let’s dive into seven of the things you don’t want to miss….

Marketing Mastermind – You know you must market your business, but how? What’s the most effective way to get your name noticed? Leads are the most vital aspect of your business. They’re the oil that keeps your machine running smoothly. This powerful session will help you master lead generation and how to manage them. You will learn marketing strategies that have made other contractors successful. Brainstorm with the best, so you can beat the rest.

Think Like a Black Belt – It’s time to reach your full potential. Discipline, focus, excellence, and leadership are all qualities that are NOT optional. In this learning session you will see the power of the black belt mindset and how to use the qualities to your full potential. This is all about being a master at your profession — thinking and acting like one. Jim Bouchard, this year’s keynote speaker has over 30 years of practice, study, and teaching to share with you.

  • Get On the Right Bus – Specific words prove powerful for the motivation of others. A contractor training video will be presented by the legendary Duke basketball head coach, Mike Krzyzewski. He’ll share his philosophy on the power of words and how they can inspire you and your team. Contractors often choose business paths for the right or wrong reasons. Here, you’ll learn how getting on the right bus may help you find a different way, you never thought existed.
  • 7 Keys to Contracting Success – CCN’s own Scott Siegal will be sharing these powerful tips in helping you build a successful contracting business. This session will teach you how to overcome the ebbs and flows of being a contractor.
  • Mastermind sessions – It’s in the name. Time to become a master of your specialty. The four hour sessions include contractor training in office administration, remodeling, residential roofing, and window and siding.
  • Possessing a positive personality for success – You’ve had many obstacles in your business and might not realize YOU could be one of them. The good thing about that is something can be done. Grant Mazmanian from Pinnacle Group shares how contractors could be sabotaging their own growth. You will learn how to get out of your own way and get your business to that next level.
  • Selling Insurance Work – Due to popular demand, our very own Scott Siegal will reveal how he successfully navigates the rough waters of insurance work. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. Instead, learn the ins and outs of dealing with the insurance companies and how to eliminate the possibility of losing money on an insurance job. After all, insurance work is a lucrative and profitable business to be in.

We Can’t Wait to See You

Now that your contractor palate is salivating with excitement, don’t delay anymore and register today. I’d hate for you to miss out on this amazing opportunity to grow your business and increase your profits.

We teach nothing but the best from the best; and all of it can be found in the windy city this fall. As Frank Sinatra once put it, Chicago is “My Kind of Town.”

Hope to see you there!