After nearly 20 years in business with contractors, we’ve learned a thing or two. From roofing to electrical work, it’s the goal of Certified Contracts Network to educate and equip you and to do that well.

So, today on the blog, that’s what we are doing. Literally. Below is our toolbelt must-haves for every successful roofer.

First things first – safety. Every employee should wear a safety harness, complete with an anchor point, while roofing. This is a must.

Best Tools for your Toolbelt

  • Your ladder – okay so it doesn’t fit in your toolbelt. Regardless, it’s important. We know there are lots of ladders out there, but using your ladder is the best way to prevent injury. Take one that goes to high heights but retains stability.
  • A shingle remover (a.k.a. a roofing shovel) – This roofing shovel will help you remove old shingles and nails quickly. It does the same job that hammers & pry bars can do but with less effort. Save your energy for elsewhere.
  • Roofing nailer – or more specifically, a coil nailer. This nailer is the most effective nail gun out there. It will make your job exponentially more efficient.
  • Roofing hammer – This tool gets used side by side with the roofing nailer and it’s not just your average hammer! Tap down nails, remove incorrectly placed tiles, and clean up the area with ease by investing in this specialized tool.
  • A hammer tacker – as a roofer, you know that a roofing job can come to an immediate stop if the underlayment isn’t placed down quickly. These staple guns are set by impact, so they are easy to use and easy to refill.
  • A specialized, sharp roofer’s utility knife – this tool is to cut roofing material. A sharp one will speed up both your time and your project.
  • Chalk line – the chalk line will serve as a guide to keep your shingles straight. Do the work without having to re-do the work!

A Properly Equipped Toolbelt = Roofing Success!

There are plenty of other tools that come in handy on the job, but starting with these seven tools in your toolbelt will help you be well on your way to success!

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