You only have one chance to make a first (and lasting) impression — so how do you make it unforgettable? The construction industry, for years, has always been viewed as a non-professional, dirty, and untrustworthy profession, but not anymore!

I don’t know what happened to create that stereotype, but it’s a stigma that’s been hard for a contractor to shake. Well, the time has come to change the tone and opinion of the general public’s thinking about us contractors.

Something can be done and it starts with you!

As a worker in the construction industry, you’re going to get dirty. Everyone understands that. The difference is, you don’t have to stay or act dirty.

You have the choice, every day, to make a difference and present yourself as an expert and a professional in your field. This starts with a professional appearance.

Imagine walking into an attorney’s office seeing all office staff and attorneys dressed in tattered jeans, unkempt shirts, and dirty appearances. You probably wouldn’t hire them, right?

Why? Because attorney’s have a persona of being well-dressed experts in their field. It’s human nature for us to not immediately trust others who don’t present themselves in a professional manner.

Now, it’s time for contractors to create their own persona, as well-dressed professionals. After all, you are an expert in your field — act like one.

Image & Integrity

It starts with you, but also extends down to your entire team. By keeping a professional image constant and consistent, you’re conditioning your team to act like their image reflects.

From your receptionist answering the phone, to your sales rep presenting your company, to your foreman at the job site, the same set of high integrity standards needs to apply. It’s all about customer care, from beginning to end.

The Time is Now

The construction industry has received a bad image for long enough and now it’s time to make a change. Put yourself in your customers shoes and ask yourself what image you’d like to see in a contractor.

Adding the professional touch adds value to your company and by investing in your image now, you are immediately investing in your company’s future.

Make it bright!

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Building the best,