Is your office staff ready to desert you? Are you pulling your hair out trying to keep your customers happy and your staff moving in the same direction, while still keeping the lights on?

It’s tough and we definitely understand. We’ve been through it before and have found some proven solutions for getting and keeping your business operations on track.

More often than not, your administrative staff is your customer’s first impression of your business. That impression is an extremely important one. You know what they say about first impressions, right?!

And, it’s safe to say that nine times out of ten, your administrative staff is upset because business processes are broken or inefficient. For example, one problem area we often hear about is the disconnect between sales staff and their ability to really communicate all the pertinent information to your business’s production team.

Happy Office, Happy Customers! It’s a No-Brainer

The key to happy customers is a happy and well-run office! That’s what our Business Operations Boot Camp is all about!

Our Business Operations Boot Camp will teach you how to:

  • Present a consistent, professional image throughout your business that raises you far above the competition.
  • Implement processes for sales, production and administration proven to work in contracting businesses.
  • Maintain consistent workflows that always result in happy customers.
  • Inspect, improve and deliver a quality customer experience, every time (without the owner doing it all.)
  • Understand the “numbers” of your business, how to get that information and how to make decisions based upon it for consistent profitability.
  • Create a cohesive team whose focus is 100% client satisfaction.

Cohesive teams can really make or break a contracting business – or any business for that matter! Sometimes running a business isn’t always rainbows and green grass. It takes a little bit of work and nurturing to make sure all aspects of your business are running like a well oiled machine!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Consider this your engraved invitation! Learn more about your business then you ever thought possible, with our tried and proven contractor best practices.

Register now. It’s not too late! And then, get yourself to the Marriott BWI in Linthicum, MD. Looking forward to meeting you there!

Building the best,