We’ve talked (blogged) recently about our financing promise. Today, let’s talk about the way our same as cash financing works to help you build a better business.

First of all, it guarantees payment for all your hard work. What’s better than that? It also increases your average job size. And, maybe the best advantage: offering our financing program positions you as a credible resource for your clients, and that credibility goes a long way!

Be That Credible Resource for your Clients

I’m sure your customers have come to you with a job that really needs to be completed but, they are waiting for an insurance rebate… a tax return… or a year-end bonus… They are essentially waiting for the “grass to look greener” before saying yes.

How does the same as cash help your customer?

By offering them a no-interest payment plan and showing them all the ways you can deliver their dream home or the much-needed new roof you are establishing trust within your clients by adding value to your services and products.

You can effectively make money less of an issue for your clients and better sell your high-end, more profitable job at the same time.

Offering our same-as-cash option means no interest and no payments for up to 18 months. This might be the easiest way to overcome objections to get that yes on the project.

Our approval process is paperless and only takes about six minutes over the phone. This means you can approve clients on loans up to $45K, before you ever leave their house! No more back-and-forth, time-consuming phone-tag games. In fact, you can get live, over-the-phone, approvals every day of the week, between 8 am and 1 am EST.

What Are You Waiting For? Apply Now

There is no time like the present! Think about the number of customers that could say yes this week, if you could offer them a credible financing option to complete their dream home. It’s a win for them and for you!

Apply for our financing program today!