It’s a no brainer when we say, “more sales = more profit”. What is less obvious, however, is the way we go about turning those leads into a direct sale.

Countless contractors have shared their stories with us, and they all run into the same issue. A great product is offered–partnered with a competitive price, solid company reputation, and a package of benefits, but in the end, no sale is made. Why?

With over 19 years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned a thing or two (or 20). Here are our most coveted secrets to getting that yes!

3 Secrets to Sale Success!

1. Know Who You’re Targeting – Adapt Accordingly

Convenience is an underestimated, but incredibly influential factor in the conversion process. Consumers don’t want to jump through hoops to get a job done. More often than not, if a consumer feels your timelines aren’t realistic or attainable, they may go with a competitor.

In short, make realistic goals and stick to them. If a job should take you three days to complete, work towards getting it done in the three days, as promised. Or better yet, earlier. Delighting your customer will only benefit your business. They will be more inclined to send your information to their friends who may be looking for your services, too. A happy customer is likely to post your job well done via social media as well as post online reviews. Thus, increasing your visibility and authority online… all for doing what you already do best.

2. Consider Offering Additional Value-added Perks

Should you under promise and over deliver? Absolutely! Consider offering an additional perk or two to generate leads into customers. An extra advantage such as an extended warranty on a product or an offer on periodic maintenance will place your company above the rest.

Consider offering real-time updates to your customers, so they know exactly what’s happening with their project, each day, for their added peace of mind. Nobody likes to be left in the dark. They can always decline this option.

3. Financing

The ace in the hole is offering a trustworthy financing option for your customers. To date, it’s estimated that 75 percent of home renovation projects over $2,500, are financed in some capacity. Consumers are prone to spend more when they have a means to do so. If your customers have to pay out of pocket, their budget tends to be less. But, if you, as the contractor, can offer unparallelled financing options, customers are likely to spend more.

Why does that matter to you? If you aren’t offering financing to your customers, you’re missing out on 75 percent of the business available. And while we aren’t mathematicians, we know that equates to a major loss in profit.

Make the choice obvious to your customers. Give them the choice to say yes. If you are a VIP member of CCN, you have immediate access to offering unprecedented financing options to your clients and therefore, generating more profitable jobs. It’s a win/win!

It’s Never Been Easier!

Don’t settle for mediocre. Instead, be the best–the best employer, the best customer advocate, the best contractor in your industry. Certified Contractors Network (CCN) will help you get there.

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