Are your customers hesitant about their big home projects? Does their hesitation usually lie within the money aspect of the project? Well, they needn’t be hesitant anymore! With our same-as-cash financing options, you as the contractor can offer clients a better and easier way to pay for those dream home renovations they are dying to get done!

What’s even better? Not only will you enjoy happy and satisfied clients, but you will also close more deals. Same-as-cash options guarantee your clients have a way to pay you when the job is finished; so no more chasing people down for payment!

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits!

Each year, over 50-percent of all home improvements of $5,000 or more are financed. A lot of those upgrades are same-as-cash options. So, why should you sign up for SAC financing? I’m glad you asked. Here are just a few incredible benefits of our same-as-cash financing:

  • Increasing sales close rates (by selling more projects and controlling the sale)
  • Increasing average job size (by selling more extensive projects or higher quality materials)
  • Guaranteeing your customers have a way to pay for their projects
  • Reducing sales appointment and job cancellations
  • Improving customer satisfaction (with high loan approval rates)

Also, when you include same-as-cash financing in your advertising campaign, you will see an increase in the number of sales leads you receive and it will also help decrease the cost per lead.

Proof is in The Pudding

Our contractors in the network are blown away by the amazing response to the same-as-cash financing option. Here are a few words from Kirby Hamby who owns Global Wide Green Services (GWGS LLC). He’s been in business for six years and absolutely loves the program. He wouldn’t have had ⅓ of his sales WITHOUT CCN’s same-as-cash financing program! That’s business YOU don’t want to miss out on, either.

“Same as cash was the main reason we joined the program and were able to get immediate results. We can now close deals right away due to the program…this is great for our business and helped us grow considerably. We just expanded into a new state actually. We’re now a one stop shop.” – Kirby Hamby

When speaking about one of the top benefits of the program, Mr. Hamby shared this:

“We now have total control of jobs from start to finish. We can get work going right away and everything is very streamlined. We can capture some cash up front (but don’t require all of it) and then can get started on a job right away. There’s very little (if any) downtime waiting. It’s more beneficial for both parties and ultimately leads to more positive interaction between us as a business and our customers.”

Along with convenience of CCN’s same-as-cash financing, contractors and their businesses are growing exponentially.

“We’ve had an average of 240-percent growth over the last five years. Without the financing program from CCN this wouldn’t have happened for sure…not even close.” – A solar company representative. – Mindy W.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t delay! It’s time to see what all the fuss is about. Check out our different financing programs and see just what being a member of CCN can do for you!

Building the best,