Human resources is a fundamental department in the construction industry. Without human resources, a construction project cannot be completed successfully. Below the experienced professionals at Certified Contractors Network discuss the functions and importance of human resources in the construction industry.

Roles and Responsibilities of an HR Manager In Contracting

Human resources management encompasses everything from recruiting and hiring employees to overseeing the company’s compensation and benefits, training processes and employee relations. In the construction industry, HR tasks and responsibilities look a little different than your typical office HR department. Below is a breakdown of the operations of an HR department in the construction industry.

Forecasting Projects

Forecasting is the implementation of foreseeing supply and demand within a company. The HR manager will use past data to estimate the supply and demand of future projects. As an HR manager, it is important to discuss project plans with construction and project managers, as well as contractors and any subcontractors or other employees involved in the project. This process will aid in establishing the necessities needed to accomplish a successful project.

Hiring and Recruiting

When recruiting potential employees, HR managers should emphasize competitive pay and benefits, strong safety culture and potential for professional growth and development. In addition to showing potential employees you are different from other companies in the industry, it is important that you keep in mind that certain projects will require specific skills and qualifications. When hiring the right employee for the job, it is crucial that you hire the right person for the job. Review your applicants thoroughly to avoid hiring someone who might not be qualified.

Training Programs

As an HR manager, providing training and certifications to employees will ensure that they are able to successfully perform their jobs and any tasks needed to complete projects successfully and efficiently.

Safety Culture

Injuries are common in the construction industry, so it is vital that HR managers implement safety protocols to help avoid injuries in the workplace. Creating a safe workplace will help your company successfully complete projects.

Employee Retention

Establishing incentives to motivate employees and influence them to stay with the company for future projects is a key factor in having a high retention rate. The HR department has a great hold over employee retention and can show employees why they should stay with the company.

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