Business growth requires access to the right tools and industry knowledge – not just in contracting and construction, but also marketing, sales and business management. All facets of your company include potential pitfalls and substantial opportunities for enhancement. Learning what to evaluate and how to leverage your data is essential to setting your path for growth.

What are your business goals? Often, the primary goal is the bottom line: increased net revenue. While this is a common goal, the journey can include a number of paths and the right ones to take are unique to your individual business. This is true just as much in construction and contracting as it is in any other type of business.

Construction and Contracting Industry Insights

The journey begins with identifying the unique needs of your business, from the challenges you face and opportunities for improvement to the methods for gaining a competitive advantage. Every element of your organization and every step of your processes may be audited to find what is holding your business back.

  • Are you visible, both online and on the ground, in your market for your services?
  • Is your messaging resonating with your audience?
  • Are your appointment setting, demo, and closing rates adequate?
  • Is technology seen as a burden or opportunity?
  • Where are and what is driving the drop-off in your sales cycle?
  • What are your top pain points in each department?
  • Is your business scalable to upstaff and take on more business during peak season?

These are just a few of many questions to ask, looking not just from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel, but in all facets of the business.

CCN’s Contractor Consulting Network

Construction consulting companies offer insight into the various factors to consider from the business and marketing perspective, whereas unique niche consultants in construction further offer industry expertise.

CCN’s contractor consulting network helps contracting and construction businesses achieve success with the contractor training, tools and insights businesses in this industry need in order to maximize profits while simultaneously helping you build a strong online and word-of-mouth reputation.

Get business consulting from industry experts on how to systematically track your numbers, effectively audit your data and utilize the information for actionable, scalable business enhancements. Learn to transform all levels of your business into a profitable, streamlined operation.

Sales Training and Consulting Services

Our construction consulting services can provide training for your entire staff in all departments and at all levels, up to and including C-level executive and ownership, allowing you to unify your internal resources and capitalize on the innovation and success that comes from a skilled team.

Choose from mastery and mastermind sessions to personalized coaching and training events from leading experts, while also networking with peer members and industry thought leaders.

Want to gain the tools and insights to propel your business and overtake competing contractors? Join CCN’s contractor consulting network for access to the tools, training and thought leadership from the industry’s leading professionals.